Huggle Buddies – Kids Pet and Pillow

Huggle Buddies are the perfect playtime pal, as well as being a comfy pillow for bed time and doubling up as a handy sleepover carry case. With such a range of colourful creatures, there’s an animal friend that any child will love! All Huggle Buddies toys have durable stitching and are fully machine washable, making sure they’ll be around for plenty of fun times.

Huggle Buddies

These are the original pillow pets, offering children so much more than just a cuddly toy! They’re available in a whole range of animals including favourites such as dogs, lambs, monkeys and bears, as well as some more exotic varieties.
These soft creatures will be perfect playtime friends, and can be opened out into a soft and well-padded cushion for nap time. There’s a useful Velcro strap which allows you either open out your Huggle Buddy or fold then up, making an ideal case for sleepovers.

Huggle Buddies Babies

These are a miniature version of our popular Huggle Buddies toys, but are no less cute and cuddly! Measuring 12” rather than 19”, these are ideal for small children, car journeys, or as a mini sleepover companion. Huggle Buddies Babies also have a handy Velcro strap, and fold out into a compact but comfortable pillow.

Huggle Buddies Hideaways

Huggle Buddies Hideaways are the newest member of the Huggle Buddies range. Instead of folding out into a pillow, they fold into their own custom homes. This will encourage any child to pack them up when play time is over!
When it’s time for some more fun and games, the unique sounding doorbell on the front of the Huggle Buddy’s home will awaken them from their slumber. Whether your child wants to wake their ladybird from its house, their unicorn from its castle or their penguin from its igloo, it really is a unique way to start any playtime.
With so many different Huggle Buddies to choose from, why not collect the whole family? The whole range of Huggle Buddies is ideal for both fun times and quiet times, and with so many creatures to choose from, any child can find their perfect pal for playtime!
Visit Pitch TV today to meet the whole Huggle Buddies family.

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